How to Determine the Value of Your Land in Flagler County Florida

Land can be a valuable asset for an investment portfolio yet it is one of the most underutilized investment vehicles. The competition for bargains in raw land sales is not nearly as fierce as in the Florida housing market, and these bargains are waiting for you! 

While investors can flip land, typically, land investors have the financial ability to hold the land for a great deal of time. Vacant land can be a low maintenance investment that can generate long-term passive income to allow for the retirement of your dreams when done right. It is also possible to increase your current cash flow through creative uses of raw land. By educating yourself on land, its uses, and how values are determined, you can feel confident in the decisions you make about such a significant investment. 

History has proven that land value in Flagler County Florida is exceptionally stable and increases over time. Whether you have decided to buy or sell land, the next step is to determine the value of the land. If you are a buyer seeking property, you certainly do not want to learn later that you overpaid, and if you are selling, you don’t want to take a loss on the sale. So how do you actually determine the value of your land in Flagler County Florida?

Recent Sales 

Comparing recent sales of similar properties located nearest to and within a 1 mile radius of the land you are interested in can help you get a feel for the general price range of land in the area. You’ll want to look back over the past 12 moths of sales history and in some cases as far back as 24 months. Naturally, there are varying factors that have an effect on the value of your land in Flagler County. Most significantly, the actual location of the property within the area you have selected to purchase land.

Potential for the Land 

Raw land can hold the potential for many uses. However, investors should factor the highest and best use of the land into the investment. The value of your land in Flagler County Florida will increase by utilizing the property to its full potential. Wise investors seek out parcels with potential at bargain prices to realize the most return on their investment. 

Appraised vs. Assessed Value

Appraisal values of real estate can vary depending upon determining factors in the local market. However, the assessed value of your land in Flagler County is generally a percentage of market value and is the amount upon which you pay property taxes. While these values can vary greatly, a lower assessed value does not necessarily mean a lower appraisal value. 


Investors must do careful analysis to determine your land value in the Flagler County area, including determining demand. The closer the parcel of land is to the heart of Palm Coast Florida, the more densely populated and the less supply of raw land is available, making it in higher demand. Intimate knowledge of the Palm Coast and surrounding markets with upcoming growth plans will allow you to purchase property in lower demand now at a bargain. The value will increase over time as the land will eventually be in demand due to population growth, new construction, and expansion.


Global Abundance LLC has an incredible land inventory in Flagler County Florida available! If you would like to work with our team of experts at Global Abundance LLC to develop your investment plan, we are happy to help you succeed! If you already have something specific planned for your next investment, why not let our experts help you find the parcel that suits your needs best? 


Whatever your reason for selling your land, Global Abundance LLC will help you sell at the right price! Working with us makes it easy to determine the actual value of the land. Global Abundance LLC has investors, and land developers looking for land like yours! Call us at (800) 953-2124 or send us a message today!

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