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Alachua is best-known for its close proximity to the University of Florida in Gainesville, but it’s also a relatively undeveloped area for the most part. Alachua County has quite a selection of nearby state and national parks, offering a variety of outdoor recreation options for activity-minded travelers.

Easy access to Interstate 75 to the west and Interstate 10 to the north gives day-trippers and back-packers simple access to the surrounding area; both the Gulf and Atlantic coasts are just a few hours away as well if you have a need to enjoy the ocean.

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Unlike most of us humans who’ve spent entire lives working, horses don’t have pensions and social security to fall back on when times get tough. For old equines without homes and futures, the Retirement Home for Horses at Mill Creek is an absolute blessing.

The facility is home to more than 100 beautiful horses and includes dozens of acres of pristine land for them to live out their remaining days in peace and comfort


Visitors to Florida are surprised to learn that there were once vast prairies in the Sunshine State. Now Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park is the only place to see wild bison and horses roaming free without a care.

A unique attraction located just a few minutes south of Gainesville in Micanopy, it’s an easy and worthwhile drive from Alachua.

The park consists of more than 20,000 acres and was originally discovered by a nationally-renowned naturalist more than two hundred years ago, who branded it ‘The Great Alachua Savannah.’

A variety of well-marked paths lead to distinct park areas, and there’s a 50-foot observation tower offering gorgeous panoramic views of the relatively flat landscape


The areas around Alachua and Gainesville were home to a number of significant Civil War Battles, the largest of which took place in February of 1864 in Olustee.

The battle lasted for five over hours, and by some accounts included more than 10,000 Union and Confederate troops from all over the country.

The Confederates got the better of the Union troops that day, and there were nearly 3,000 dead when all the smoke cleared.

Olustee Battlefield State Park is one of those must-visit attractions for military history buffs and veterans, and it’s home to an annual battle reenactment in February that’s nothing short of poignant and breathtaking.


Home to a collection of native and exotic animals that have been injured, orphaned, or abandoned, Carson Springs Wildlife Conservation Foundation is a unique sanctuary that’s primarily dedicated to rescue and rehabilitation.

Though some animals are released into the wild, for many it’s not an option; for those, they’ll spend their years in relative comfort inside the foundation’s confines.


Comprised of more than 200,000 acres of pristine woodlands and swamps, Osceola National Park is located in the national forest of the same name. It is the perfect place for new visitors to kick-off their exploration of this amazing natural resource.

Camping, fishing, mountain biking, and kayaking are popular park activities, and due to its vastness, many guests choose to do a bit of online research before heading out.

Many of the park’s amenities and activity options are free and open year-round, but others – like fishing and hunting – are only available seasonally and require licenses and permits; ensure you’re familiar with the specifics before making a special trip.


The Olustee Festival is one of the area’s premier annual events and is a big hit with lovers of history, culture, and Florida heritage. It takes place in late February every year.

Featuring an amazing parade and one of the largest Civil War reenactments in the state, the festival also focuses on the area’s founding and development, as well as the Native American people who called the area home long before it was officially settled.

The festival takes place in nearby Lake City and includes arts and crafts, family activities, lots of food and drink options, and even live entertainment.


Florida’s tropical and sub-tropical climates feature abundant rain and sunlight, as well as balmy year-round temperatures that are the perfect conditions for growing both native and exotic plants, trees, and flowers.

Kanapaha Botanical Gardens are located on SW 58th Drive in Gainesville and include a variety of distinctly themed cultivated areas that are connected by nearly two miles of well-marked paths.

Though they’re beautiful the whole year, many visitors with flexible schedules time their trips to coincide with the March bloom, and the garden often hosts spring festivals, fairs, and guided tours – some of which are in the low-light evening hours when the gardens are nothing short of magical.


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Property Details: 

Lot Type – Land

Sale Price – $8,500 

State – Florida 

County – Alachua 

Assessor’s Parcel Number – 19819-000-000

Property Zoning: Agricultural 

GPS Coordinates – 29.594544, -82.104893

Property Address – Hawthorne, Florida, 32640

Size – 2.23 Acre(s) 

Road Access – None

Electricity – None

Water & Sewer – Must contact the county

Market Value: Similar size lots in the area have sold for $25,000 – $35,000


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