4 Ways To Find Vacant Land Opportunities In Illinois

4 Ideas to Find Farm and Land Opportunities in Illinois

If you want to invest in vacant land or agricultural land, the first step is LOCATING your investment! In this blog post you’ll read about 4 ideas you can use to find farm and land investments in Illinois

At Global Abundance LLC, one question we are frequently asked by an investor,” we want to find vacant land, raw land, undeveloped land, and agricultural land… but we’re not sure where to start looking!”

Excellent question! When it comes to residential properties, it seems like you can always find listings, but with vacant land, it’s a little harder. So we like these 4 resources you can use to find farm and land investments in Illinois.

Resource #1. Referrals

One great but often overlooked resource is simply word of mouth. Reach out to your network – at work, friends, and family, at school and on social media – and ask them if anyone knows of any available vacant land or farmland for sale. It is said you will know around 100 people or more in your life, so if you ask 100 people and you’ll be sourcing from thousands of people… and someone in your circle probably knows someone of a piece of land for sale!

Resource #2. Internet

Being online with the power of the Internet is such a great resource with a lot of information at your fingertips. There may or may not be a specific website dedicated to the kind of land you want in the specific Illinois area you’re looking, but if you search “vacant land in Illinois” or “investment land in Illinois” or “farmland for purchase in Illinois” you’ll probably find some information.

Resource #3. Real Estate Agent

A local real estate agent may know if any investment land is for sale that fits your needs. If they don’t have any, they’ll probably have access to a network of agents who can hopefully source the land for you.

Resource #4 Global Abundance LLC!

Yes, you can always reach out to us here at Global Abundance LLC! We work with many buyers and sellers all over Illinois and the country. We always have a newly refreshed inventory of land investment opportunities that buyers like you are ready to invest in. Get in touch with us at 800-953-2124 and we’d be happy to discuss what properties are available.

In Summary

Investors have no issues finding residential investments but vacant land and farmland can be a little more difficult to find. That’s why we like can help obtain these investment properties for you.

Want to see what vacant land investment opportunities are available in Illinois? Click here to contact us or call our team at 800-953-2124

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